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If you wish to make waffles from scratch, you must first invent the universe.


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me in 60 years

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chameleon riding delighted chameleon


chameleon riding delighted chameleon

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The ad was in a women’s magazine and if I remember correctly, was for a perfume. It featured a white woman lying in bed with a black man. The man’s shirtless back was to the viewer, making only his taut, muscular form and powerful-looking arms and shoulders visible. He was faceless, unidentified. The woman looked sultrily at us from over his mysterious form, satisfaction writ large over her features. She had partaken of whatever delights this man had to offer and was smugly, luxuriantly basking in the afterglow.

The ad copy was, “Take a walk on the wild side.”

My teacher used the ad as an example of how marketers can use certain words and images to convey large amounts of information subtly and effectively. A white woman having sex with a black man? How risqué. The implication: be a little like that woman. Spray on that perfume and feel like the kind of girl who has sex with faceless, muscular black men in ritzy hotel rooms because it’s an adventure, a thrill, a risk, something illicitly pleasurable.

These are the semiotics of race. This is why columnists will trip over themselves not to call Lupita Nyong’o or Angela Basset “beautiful”, choosing instead to use terms that call to mind a kind of savage, animalistic magnetism: fierce, striking, edgy, eye-catching. Words like “pretty” and “beautiful” and “cute” are for white women whose bodies and sexualities are not seen as wild, animal, or untamed. Black men are hulking, threatening, thuggish; white men are charming, sexy heartthrobs with hearts of gold. Brown women are exotic, with their “honey-coloured” skin and their “mystical”, “enchanting” beauty, unlike their white counterparts, who are held up as not only ideal, but knowable and safe. White people are beautiful; non-white people are dangerous.

too much breakfast

too much breakfast


Katara, destroying the patriarchy.

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If you just had a clear box, you’d know that Schrodinger’s cat is alive and very confused.

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io9 recently assembled a dazzling collection of photos of awesomely strange and beautiful sea slugs. The name sea slug refers to a diverse group of marine creatures, particularly gastropods and sea snails. They’re found throughout the Earth’s oceans, but they come in so many amazing shapes and colors that we’ve always secretly hoped they’d turn out to be aliens. Some sea slugs use their colorful bodies as camouflage, while others use brilliant coloration as an aposematic signal, a warning to potential predators that they’re poisonous or at least look like they are.

Photos by Steve Childs, Klaus Stiefel, Bernard Dupont, erikschlogl, Saspotato, Jason Marks, Kehan Herman, and Nick Hobgood respectively.

Head over to io9 for plenty more spectacular sea slug photos.

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Awe little cats going on a little cat date walk ahh


Awe little cats going on a little cat date walk ahh

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50 Cent in Malefiftycent [x]

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I don’t care how many times I’ve reblogged this

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Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I’m not living.

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